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As I was born, I opened my eyes and saw a lot of lovely things, which I wanted to show to another people. But I couldnt draw, so I started to make photos.

1969-Basics: Bigformat photocam Pionier (9x6cm) made of bakelite, the back side of the film used in this camera was covered with red paper. At least I learned how to develop bw film and make enlargements.

1972-Chemistry: On highschool (chemistry) :-)) with selfmade recipe I changed boring bw pictures to coloured. New cam SMENA-8M, was already 35mm. I made all settings manually. Big surprise was, that all pictures were sharp.

1974-Optics: Camera was cheep, but I wanted do macro photos. I tried many combinations cam-lens-flower until I found the best position.

1982-Composition: My daughter was born and for me this was the beginning of the season full of uncontable photos. I discovered the difference between a nice and a bad shot. I owned equipment only for a bw proccess and all the colour films wandered to minilabs. It was a comfortable way, but I missed something.

1991-Digital age: At first I learned to work on pc. Step by step I discovered how to operate with graphic editors, obtained scanners (mustek,umax)

1998-DigiPhoto: During this time period I saw on TV many advertisements about superios and modern digicams with 320x240 px. So I bought my first digicam. It was absolutelly automatic, I could change only the memory card and press the shutter.

Digital world

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Under title Photos there are pictures chosen from miscellaneous motives, without comments.